Winning/Losing an Election

  • Just because someone won an election doesn’t mean that everything they do after that is okay or “right”. The election is just one part and you hope they will make good decisions afterward as a president but it’s possible they won’t. Their performance as a president should be questioned with every new decision.
  • More about this last point — I believe it is easy for the group of people who voted for the winning president to acknowledge the good and bad that the aforementioned president does during their term. I don’t believe all the people that voted for President Obama are happy with every choice he made and all the people that voted for President Trump are happy with everything he did. I think that is easy to see in both cases. But what is an easy concept for the winning side to grasp is an extremely hard one for the losing side to replicate for two reasons:
  1. So many on the losing side want to tear down the president every opportunity they get. Many times they are justified — the President made a bad choice — but other times they are stretching too much to make the condemnation work and in taking a chance to tear down the president they missed an opportunity to find common ground and support the president for the good of the country (by the way, for you who just stretched your logic, now because you stretched your justification to condemn the president you have just alienated yourself from the other side even more because yeah, you were being a little crazy).
  2. In an effort to tear down the president one side might overlook the fact that the other side is also not happy with the decision made, further separating themselves from the president’s political party in anger because they can’t believe how the other side would agree with such a misstep. Maybe they don’t! And even though they actually agree with you on this one, you’ve just made it harder to listen to the other political party once again with another quiver in your arrow to use against them the next time a civil discussion would really benefit you.
  • Now back to the point where feeling that you are “right” because the majority of people thought to vote for the same candidate — it’s also false to believe that all people who voted for the same candidate agree with you on many of your stances. They might only agree with you on one thing so it’s not like you’re all happy for the same thing. It’s much more nuanced.




I'm just a guy with some thoughts I think are worthwhile that I'd like to share with the world.

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Ty Andersen

Ty Andersen

I'm just a guy with some thoughts I think are worthwhile that I'd like to share with the world.

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